Beauty Angel

Beauty Angel

Light for beautiful skin



The Beauty Angel stands for an innovative concept of light and wellness therapy that fulfills the desire for a soft and natural skin rejuvenation. The ‘beauty’ light of the collagen lamps is absorbed by the skin cells and enhances the body’s own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron. With regular use, wrinkles are reduced, the skin visibly tighter and the overall skin image improved. The effects of skin aging are reduced in a natural way with this treatment.

Proven effect

The treatment with light with a special frequency has been successfully used in the medicine and cosmetics industry for many years; numerous scientific studies therefore prove efficacy. The effectiveness of Beauty Angel is confirmed by a comprehensive study in a skin physiology institute as well as a scientific project by Ulm University. After only one month, 80% of the test subjects have a softer skin and more than 60% have detected multiple visible effects. After the second month, these results have clearly improved again. The users had a tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, refined pores and a more regular skin image.

Direct results:

– Soft and supple skin

– Moisture content in the skin is improved

– More light intensity for the skin

– Finer pores and a better skin image

– Relaxation and good health

Long-term results:

– The connective tissue is filled with collagen, elastin and hyaluron

– Reduction of wrinkles in the face and décolleté

– Fade old age and pigmentation spots

The ideal treatment

Most users notice a relaxing effect and a fresher and softer skin after the first treatment. For the best results, the Beauty Angel treatment should be regularly done and over a longer period of time. By supplementing with high-quality skin care products, the effect of the treatment is increased. In addition, a healthy lifestyle certainly contributes to the final result.

The treatment

A Beauty Angel treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. Before your skin is exposed to the light of the Beauty Angel, your skin is cleaned. After this cleansing, two serums are applied to the skin that stimulate the functioning of the Beauty Angel. Now your skin is ready to be exposed to the light. To conclude the treatment, a day or night cream is applied. We recommend a 48-hour break between individual treatments. To protect the bright light, your eyes are protected during treatment, you get eye protection during treatment.


Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

The Beauty Angel treatment is suitable for all skin types. People with low blood pressure, pregnant women, people with epilepsy, people suffering from an increased sensitivity to light or people who take medication, who cause an increased sensitivity to light (eg Antibiotics or St. John’s Wort), should unfortunately refrain from collagen treatment. At the first use, a minimum dose is recommended, to test the tolerance.

Can the red light use be compared with sunlight?

No, the Beauty Angel uses light with a special frequency that practically does not contain UV. The skin will also not brown through the treatment.

Natural regeneration & rejuvenation of the skin

What are the causes of skin aging?

Skin aging is caused by multiple factors. From the age of 25 the care of the epidermis with nutrients decreases. This leads to a tired, fall and irregular complexion. As one gets older, the metabolism of the fibroblast cells (cells in the connective tissue) slows down, causing the collagen content of the skin to drop by 1% per year of life. Since collagen is the most important ‘filling’ of the connective tissue, the skin loosens. The reduced cell regeneration also leads to moisture loss, reduction of elasticity and finally to wrinkling.


How does light provide skin rejuvenation?

The Beauty Angel uses light with a certain frequency to rejuvenate the skin in a natural way. The so-called Beauty Light is absorbed by the skin cells and increases the body’s own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron. As a result, wrinkles are reduced, the skin visibly tighter and the overall skin image improved. The result is a tighter and healthier skin.

Prices Beauty Angel


Beauty Angel Single Treatment30min.€  34,95Book online
Beauty Angel + Fleece Mask30min.€  49,50
Beauty Angel In combination with facial reatment€  24,95
Beauty Angel cure of 5 treatments€ 162,25
Beauty Angel cure of 10 treatments€ 299,50