Artificial nails, Manicure and GelColor by OPI

GelColor By OPI – for the woman who always wants to look perfect

GelColor by OPI wears like a gel, but feels and looks like nail polish!

Do not you have time to paint your nails again and again? Or do you not want to worry about your nail polish on holiday? Then go for GelColor by OPI.

Your favorite OPI color stays perfectly shiny for 2 weeks on healthy, undamaged nails.

GelColor is easy to remove at home without damaging the natural nail.

GelColor by OPI is also ideal on your toenails, for a beautyfull and longlasting end result.

Also ideal for brides.

Medication and the type of work you do affect the durability of GelColor on your nails. Ask your nail technician.

GelColor en trimming 60 min.€ 38,50Bellen voor Afspraak
GelColor French Manicure and trimming60 min.€ 39,50Bellen voor Afspraak
GelColor and Manicure60 min.€ 52,50Bellen voor Afspraak
Removing GelColor30 min.€ 22,50Book online
Nail repair per nail€  5,00

Manicure by OPI

OPI Manicure Basic25 min. € 32,50Book online
Hand care consisting of herbal bath, nail trim,
care of the cuticles, scrub and a clear coat.
OPI Manicure Luxe45 min. € 46,50Book online
Hand care consisting of herbal bath, nail trim, care of the cuticles,
scrub, short hand massage and colloring the nails in a color of your choice.
Handmask 15 min. €  13,50Book online

Artificial Nails & Nailart

New set with tips (gel) 90 min.€ 64,50Bellen voor Afspraak
New set French with tips (gel) 90 min.€ 67,50Bellen voor Afspraak
Filling up 75 min.€ 44,50Bellen voor Afspraak
Firming gel layer on natural nail 60 min.€ 44,50Bellen voor Afspraak
Nailart  vanaf€ 5,00Bellen voor Afspraak

We give 5 days warranty on the GelColor. You may have your damaged nail repaired free of charge within this time.