Valmont Hydration

Valmont Hydratation


The lack of hydration is one of the first signs of skin aging ….

The water distribution in the skin is dependent on a constant moisture gradient, permanently controlled by its uninterrupted evaporation at the surface of the corneum layer (horn layer).
The water concentration in the dermis and the lower layers of the epidermis remains constant, while this is variable in the upper layers of the epidermis. When the water concentration is lower than 10%, we can speak of a moisture shortage.

Hydration function

The skin density and elasticity depend on the moisture level. A drop in moisture within the horny layer causes a change in the epidermis structure.

Hydration regulation

Hydration regulation depends on three parameters:
1. The hydrolipid film layer; sits on the skin surface, serves as natural protection and makes the corneum layer smooth.
2. The horny layer (corneocytes cells and intercellular cement).
3. The NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).

Hydrolipid film layer

With a young skin, this film layer ensures good skin hydration. With the passage of the years the film layer is damaged and this leads to an increase of the TEWL (loss of water in the epidermis). The epidermis is not hydrated enough and the first signs of aging appear.

The Horn layer (consists of corneocytes and lipids)

The cells of the corneocytes (keratinocytes are cells that have lost their core) play an important role in maintaining the humidity level.
The lipids in the epidermis play a role within the cell composition (intercellular cement) and for the barrier function, as well as the skin hydration. The lipids that form the intercellular cement are mainly fatty acids, ceramides, phospholipids and cholesterol.

The NFM (Natural Moisturizing Factor)

The NMF is located in the corneocytes within the horny layer. It plays a fundamental role in maintaining skin moisture in the skin layers. It is mainly composed of amino acids and has the function of absorbing and retaining water. It is called the natural humectant of the skin.

Important NMF minerals are: CA ++ (Calcium), Mg ++ (Magnesium) and Na + (Sodium).

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