Valmont Hair Repair

VAlmont Hair Repair

A global beauty concept …

VALMONT launches Hair Repair, an anti-aging line with products for the hair, where at the
development use has been made of the Valmont expertise and its 25 years of experience.

A line of 5 products:
• Focused on the hair and the scalp
• It has a double effect:
• Anti-aging / anti-hair loss function for long-lasting results.
• Nourishing / shiny effect for immediate results.

Developed in cooperation with Philippe Venoux, a “star barber” from Barcelona. A
product line based on Valmont anti-aging drugs: triple DNA, RNA and
Glacier water. This is combined with specific anti-aging ingredients for her and
scalp: anti-glycation complex and keratin.

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Showing all 4 results